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Fall/Winter 2018 News & Website Update

Reliable Vacuum Store
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We are re-launching our web site and this is an new updated blog post.  Over the past year we have decided to add and change a few things at our store, and in the process our web site has been locked up and unable to be changed.  It has taken a few months to get this handled but now that we have, we have been able to re-vamp our site and make it much better for you and us!

Fall/winter is coming up, and we plan on releasing a few cool new products for the 2018 gift buying season you will really like.

Online, we are continuing to add more products and parts daily, with over 600 currently for sale at our eBay store.  

Finally, the store has a new addition, Caleb Knudsen is now our retail associate in training.  He is a student at West Fargo High School and a very active member in many activities.  We look forward to the extra help before the busy holiday season.

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